December 6, 2013


(So pretend that you’re reading this last Saturday).

For the past several weeks anytime anyone mentioned Sloane’s birthday, she would immediately start talking about cupcakes.  That’s all the girl wanted.  Chocolate cupcakes to be exact.  She also started telling secrets.  “Cupcakes” she’d whisper in your ear long and drawn out.  The best secret ever.

DSCN4288 Look at the love in her eyes for her cupcakes! She carried these around ALL DAY.


Happy birthday to my dear, sweet sassypants.  I love you more than you’ll ever know.  You’ve brought so much joy into our family.  I love your love for your brothers and the way you look at them while you memorize everything they do and then immediately repeat it.  I love how much you and Tate want to cuddle together at night.  I hope you will always be the best of friends.  I love how you clean up after your brothers and like to tell them what to do.  (Right now they think it’s cute, we’ll see how they feel in a few more months).  I love all your random “I love you’s” and spontaneous hugs and kisses for everyone.  And most of all I love how much your want your mama.  I hope that never changes…….


And for a look at the big surprise that was waiting for her on her birthday, see this post.