Day Brighteners

February 26, 2014

It’s almost MARCH people!  Crazy!  And I realized that I’m a horrible blogger.  My apologies.  I am in awe of these moms who have more children than me who blog every single day.  I hardly have time to pee let alone blog.  Sorry.  TMI?  Aaaannnnd our lives just aren’t that exciting. 

Gav started in intensive therapy in January that takes up a lot of our time.  Google Interactive Metronome.  It’s pretty amazing!  Needless to say, he’s pretty wiped out after and it’s been a struggle these past several weeks to focus on school.  (And who can focus, really, when the weather is SO utterly depressing?)  But there are a few things that Gav has for school that he loves and I thought I’d share.

This came in the mail last week and the whole family loves it.

ImageThe kids love looking at the moon and knowing the different phases and Gavin especially loves calendars and keeping track of the date. 

ImageAnd this BY FAR has been the best purchase I made for school this year.  Kids with Autism are extremely literal.  If you think about it, the English language is pretty ridiculous with all our idioms and slang.  These poor kids get lost in the goofiness of it all.  For example, Gavin used to cut people in line.  If I would tell him it’s not polite to cut in line, he’d make scissor motions with his hands.  Extremely literal.

This calendar is AWESOME!  It has an expression of the day, along with a funny picture and then the real definition at the bottom. 


And this is just a word a day calendar (by the same company).  One of Gavin’s greatest strengths is his love of language.  He uses big words ALL the time, knows what they mean, and will correct you if you use a word wrong.  Now that he has his idiom calendar, he uses expressions just like a typical kid.  He cracks his therapist up (yep, just used one) with all the expressions he throws into conversations. 



I am so thankful that a boy who had a speech delay and didn’t really talk much at all now has a gigantic vocabulary and pretty much doesn’t ever stop talking!!