Sunshine Has Arrived

April 25, 2014

Life’s been busy and I realized the other day that life would be easier if I could blog while driving. I can’t text and drive but I can blog and drive!  I feel like I am in the car hours a day and I’m so looking forward to summer and a slower schedule.

In the meantime, we’re very thankful for the spring weather and sunshine these past few weeks.  It just puts everyone in a good mood (and makes it SO much harder to do school and homework).  All we want to do is be outside.

And speaking of nice weather, here are some sweet Easter snaps from that beautiful day:


I LOVE this.  Sloane has a crush on a good friend of ours.  The minute she wakes up on Sundays she asks when it’s time to go to church and see Josh Harper.  Once there, she immediately wants him to hold her and she never leaves his side.  She recently started drawing our family pictures and adding Josh Harper.  She’s probably looking at him here.  So cute!

And we actually got a decent family photo this year!  I was lamenting to Josh that I didn’t take a single family (or at least kids) Easter picture last year.


It’s a rare thing to have everyone looking at the camera and not smiling all crazy and chicken necky.  Ya know what I mean?  My kids try too hard sometimes.  (Sorry for the crappy iphone pic.  I dropped our camera face down on the lens a few weeks ago and broke it.  Awesome).

And on Tuesday, Josh and Gav ran the Grand Blue Mile race to kick off the Drake Relays.  One thing about Gavin, he loves to run but he doesn’t understand the point of “training”.  He and Josh ran a mile one time a few weeks ago to practice but he just couldn’t figure out why that was necessary.  Aaaaannnnnnndddd he ran the mile in under 9 minutes.  Amazing.  (To be honest, I think he could have done it faster.  There was a TON of people and he was just trying not to run into anyone.  When Gav thinks too much about running, he has trouble actually doing it.  It’s like he over-thinks it.  But pit him against a competitive brother and he’ll kick major butt).  The whole family wants to run it next year…….well, maybe not me…….


One thing is for sure.  He has great trouble with all the rules and nuances of organized sports. but give the kid room to run and he knows no greater feeling.  I’m so proud of him!