Pink Dinosaurs

June 11, 2014

For about a month, Sloane has been asking me to take her to get her hair cut.  My good friend cuts my hair and Sloane is always so curious about it when I go.  After a lot of discussions, I decided she really was ready and wouldn’t freak out once we were actually doing it.

sloane haircut1Looking a little unsure….

sloane haircut2……that’s better!

sloane haircut3

sloane haircut4

She loves it and she wakes up with it looking cute as opposed to snarly and tangled.  I was afraid she might miss pigtails and pony tails, but so far she’s not said a thing.  She gets lots of compliments which makes her pretty happy.

That girl.  She’s such a good mix of girly and tom-boy.  I’m so glad she’s not prissy and can stand to get dirty.  Last weekend we went to the zoo and all the kids got glitter tattoos.  There were lots to choose from and with all her heart Sloane wanted a t-rex.  Out of all the “girl choices”-flowers, butterflies, you name it, she knew immediately she wanted a dinosaur.  A pink sparkly dinosaur.  I think that about sums her up perfectly,  She can run with the big boys but still be a sweet little lady.

sloane pink dino


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