The Perfect Trip

July 31, 2014

We got back from St. Louis last week and I have to say, it was the perfect trip. The kids were EXCEPTIONALLY good THE.WHOLE.TIME.

The nice thing about STL is that it’s relatively a short drive from us. Just when we were starting to get sick of being in the car, we arrived.

Our first full day was spent at the zoo (which is beautiful and huge and FREEEEEE).




Our second day was spent at Meramec Caves. This was an hour drive from our hotel, but totally worth the trip.




And if you couldn’t tell from cave pictures, we also had a Cardinals game planned for later that day.


The kids made it through 8 innings which was pretty impressive. It was hot and we were in the sun the whole game. Lots of cold frosty drinks kept them happy for a few hours. We tried to stay for the whole game because kids got to run the bases after, but once we saw the line of kids everyone opted to just leave and find dinner. (I was secretly glad they didn’t want to stay as fun as that would have been for them).cardsgameafter2

Day 3 was by far the highlight of our trip. City Museum has got to be one of the coolest, most imaginative places I’ve ever been. The kids’ heads exploded multiple times that day. (Get ready for picture overload).

We had NO idea what awaited us!! (Poor Gav, he gets tired of stopping to take pictures as evidenced by his face).

When we arrived, the staff suggested that we start on the roof and work our way down. This is the view from the top. Wow.  (See the school bus hanging off the edge???)


Liam pretending to drive the bus off the roof.


citymuseum5100 feet in the air over the rooftop to the plane…….but they made it!


citymuseum7 So if you climbed over this harmless looking bridge there were tiny openings the kids could crawl into.

citymuseum8And THIS is where you would end up.  Suspended 2 stories off the ground in a little cage.  (Those tiny things down there are people!!)  Gavin LOVED this and did it a few times.  No thanks!!

citymuseum9Making our way up the winding stairs to the 5 story slide.   Sloane was a little unsure but she loved it going down.

citymuseum10  City Museum is FULL of slides.  The 10 story slide that starts at the roof leads out into deep dark caves.  It’s unbelievable.  All the caves have separate little nooks and cranies the kids can crawl through that lead to different places.  We lost our kids a few times…..

citymuseum11There were also a couple of “trees” the kids could climb in and through.  This one had a tunnel at the base of the tree that led to the basement.  I never went down there but the kids said there were more caves and slides.

We stayed open to close and there were a few tears shed when it was time to go.  We’ve added this place at the top of our to-do list for every time we’re in St. Louis.

And last but not least, before heading home on the last day we decided to head downtown to City Gardens.  This is 2 city blocks of giant sculptures and water features for kids.


citygarden2THIS girl did great considering she skipped a nap 5 days in a row and stayed up too late every night.  She was all smiles all the time.


citygarden6Of course we had to take our picture with a giant bunny!



Before we left we attempted to get a family photo with the self-timer on the camera.  Not too bad!  We all left St. Louis with a smile. It was a great trip.