So I failed big time. EPIC FAIL. We did not do ONE SINGLE thing I had originally planned to do this summer. We planned to camp. Didn’t happen. We planned to fish. Didn’t happen. (The kids even got new poles and their own little tackle boxes). And lastly, I had planned to teach all 3 boys to ride their bikes without training wheels this summer. That was my one big goal. How hard could it be? (Yes, I know we’re extremely behind on this skill.  Gav has balance issues and we’ve really put it off for him, so everyone else is lacking too). We had all summer spread out before us with not much else going on. Guess what guys. We didn’t even get the bikes out once this summer. Seriously. What happened? I blinked and school started. We still had fun this summer…..I think…..I already can’t really remember what we did. Sigh. I can’t beat myself up over this but it’s just hard to believe we didn’t do a single one of those things. How did we not even camp this year??????

But school started last week and everyone was very excited to go back. Maybe because we had a super boring summer without camping, fishing or biking? Probably. Time to get back to fun stuff and leave boring mom at home.

1stdayofschooltateTate’s in kindergarten this year.  Not much of a change for him because he has the same teacher and classroom as preschool last year.  He’s very excited to be the big kid in the class though.  (Excuse the hideous shirt.  I have completely given up trying to dress the boys.  They are SO particular about what they wear now.   And by particular, I mean they have to have a graphic t with some kind of character on it.  Goes against everything I stand for, but I CANNOT fight that battle x3 every morning!)

1stdayschoolliam(And apparently Liam’s posing for a back to school ad).

1stdayschoolboys1stdayschoolliamclassLiam also has the same 2nd grade teacher whom he adores.  He cried the last day of school because he didn’t want summer to start.  (Liam cried, not the teacher.  The teacher I’m sure did not cry).

We started 4th grade(!) home school yesterday and it’s been going well.  My biggest concern was keeping Sloane occupied.  Once I told her she could do preschool with us, she’s been all about sitting quietly and doing her work.  Hopefully that continues all year!

And this happened two weeks ago:


Walnuts were being thrown outside (after the boys had been told not to) and suddenly I heard Gavin screaming and Tate apologizing profusely.  And now he has a chipped front tooth.  Of course it had to be him and his tooth, not either of the other boys who still have front baby teeth and who don’t mind going to the dentist as much.  The dentist says it’s not damaged and is easily fixable.  We’ll be heading back the end of September to get it fixed.  Hopefully it really is as easy and as painless as he says. It’s always something around here!!