So here we are again several months later.  Where does the time go?  Oh I know, it goes to soccer games, and therapy, and school, and meetings, and drum class.  This handsome dude turned 10 a few weeks ago.  Never again will he see single digits (and for the record, one of his big dreams in life is to reach triple digits.  He’s a pretty determined guy.  He probably will!)

Gavschool(And a couple of you have asked-Gav’s dentist visit to fix his chipped tooth went great.  We found a new dentist who is AWESOME and we were in and out in under 20 minutes.  No issues, no worries!)

Anyway, back to the matter at hand.  Months ago, Josh was asked to speak at a Junior High youth retreat at Hidden Acres the weekend of Gav’s birthday.  Josh agreed to the speaking engagement only if the whole family could tag along.  We spent a fantastic birthday weekend at Hidden Acres.


Don’t worry, we didn’t sleep in the covered wagons. Although the kids would have LOVED that.  Bunk bed sleeping made everyone happy!




We hiked, we swam, we swung, we relaxed, we fed the horses (and then accidentally let them out).




It was a VERY chilly weekend and I was thankful that I had grabbed winter coats, hats and mittens as we ran out the door.

Another great thing about being on the camp grounds all weekend was this:


The kids got to take turns driving (Lord help us all!)

And when they weren’t driving, we piled them all in the back of the Jeep plus a few extra cuties we picked up along the way.

hiddenacres4One of the highlights of the weekend for me was when Liam tried to beat the car to the conference hall.  What a goof.

hiddenacres6It was a great birthday weekend and when we walked in the door at home, there were about 30 people waiting to surprise Gavin on his actual birthday (and of course I didn’t any shots of the crowd or his surprised face).  My mom went all out with a Lego Movie theme and Gav had a blast.



Annnnnnnnd he got a Tubano.  I signed him up for a drum class at Courage League Sports in September hoping that he’d learn some rhythm but mostly just for something fun for him to do.  To say he loves this class is an understatement.  The best thing about this class every week is that the whole family gets to participate.  It has been so much fun!!!  For once, we have an activity for Gavin that we all get to do and we don’t dread (sorry ChildServe, we’re rather sick of you).