Yummy to Our Tummy

December 16, 2008

Just thought I’d post a delicious smoothie recipe that we tried from our diet today.

1 ripe banana

1 avacado

1 cup grape juice (for us, this must be Welch’s 100% grape with nothing added)

Blend and serve!

I was a little unsure what the avacado would do to the flavor, but the banana and grape juice definitely overpower the taste and it really just makes the consistency better. It is really filling, and that was all my boys needed for lunch. Easy peasy!

Is It the Diet Already?

December 6, 2008

A couple of HUGE things. First, we got back from Ames this morning after a lovely pre-screening of Esmerelda (which I highly recommend if you’re in the Des Moines/Ames area). It will NOT disappoint. The cast is wonderful (especially Bill and Hetty), the set design and costumes are magical and there are a ton of cool “theatrics” that I have been sworn not to reveal. Pretty amazing stuff!

ANYWAY, when we got home this afternoon, Gavin ASKED if he could put on his Elmo underwear. If you’ve been following our journey, you’ll remember that I tried this past summer to potty-train Gavin, but by day 2 he would cry and tell me he was all done going potty. Yeah, I was not successful. Every once in a while since then we’ve sat him on the potty, but he’ll sit for a while without going. So you can imagine how excited we were when he brought up wearing his underwear. And get this, HE’S BEEN GOING IN THE POTTY EVERY TIME WE ASK. This has not happened before. He hasn’t had a single accident yet and he is SO proud of himself when he goes. He gets it this time! (The down side is that he’s being rewarded with Skittles that I know are not SCD approved. Hopefully one Skittle at a time won’t do too much damage to our new diet. Fingers crossed.) I’d much rather have him potty trained right now.

The other big thing is that Gav has been spending a lot of time playing with my old doll house lately. He’s actually playing with the people inside, making them go from room to room and they are having conversations with each other. Again this is HUGE because pretend play is not something he normally does.

Is this because of the diet?!

SCD Day 1

November 29, 2008

Yesterday started out early. Way too early. 4 AM EARLY. Josh had plans to be up for Black Friday (the shopping day, not our diet) and Gav heard his alarm go off. I didn’t hear a thing so that tells you what a light sleeper he normally is. Josh put Gav back in bed and we thought all was well until Josh walked out the door and all hell broke loose. Can someone please tell me how my children know when their father is gone? Am I really that much of a push over? Gavin kept getting out of bed which woke Liam. To make a long story short, none of us ever went back to sleep and we decided to quit trying at 5:30. This was not really the best way to start out our new diet.

The night before I had made grape jello (one of the first foods on the intro diet-made with pure gelatin and 100% juice). I was excited because I was sure the kids would love being able to eat jello whenever they wanted. Jello for breakfast? Cool! Wrong! They had tons of fun squishing it and playing with it, but both refused to eat any. Liam usually devours anything, so that was a huge surprise. So, instead of a fun jello breakfast, both boys ate chicken. I was gagging dishing up chicken breasts at 6am, but they both ate a ton and never complained. Whatever, boys. The rest of the day was spent snacking on chicken and drinking cider (apple juice is forbidden but cider is ok-I still have yet to figure out why that is). We had bunless burgers sans ketchep for dinner with VERY cooked carrots. The boys missed their ketchup, but they both ate good dinners, thankful it wasn’t chicken again.

So far, I seem to be having the hardest time on this diet. Irritability is one of the early side affects and boy was I crabby yesterday. The boys were happy and didn’t seem to care that they couldn’t have fruit, or Rice Chex, or milk. Today is better for me, but Liam is having a rough morning. The yeast die-off can cause flu like symptoms for up to 10 days so that should be incredibly fun! Gav did have good poop yesterday, so that’s a plus and we’re still waiting on Liam’s. 🙂 If poop is more normal this weekend, I plan to add pearsauce, applesauce, and mashed bananas to our menu on Monday. Woo hoo!

That’s what I’ve begun to call Friday around here. Not because of the crazy shopping or the fact that my dear sweet husband LOVES to get up before dawn to stand in line at Best Buy every year. It’s Black Friday because we’re starting the Specific Carbohydrate Diet this week. I plan to LOAD up at Thanksgiving, so hopefully my body won’t notice it’s hungry until Sunday or so. 🙂 Gosh, I hope it really isn’t that bad. I have had a rough few weeks just knowing this day was coming. Some things I have to do this week still in preparation: buy unflavored natural gelatin (do you know what this stuff really is???-look it up I don’t want to ruin it for you), make homemade yogurt, make applesauce (just got a bag full of yummy organic apples for CHEAP from a friend), stew a chicken and save the broth (we will be eating lots of chicken broth the first few days), and buy a bunch of tomatoes and freeze-didn’t know I could until recently, and last, make homemade ketchup.

I am SO not good in the kitchen and I like things QUICK. This diet is the exact opposite. I need to make just about everything, down to grinding almonds into flour to bake with (oh, better add that to my list). I guess this will definitely make me Little Suzie Homemaker for sure! I’m still really struggling with a lot of the SCD recipes because they contain dairy and/or eggs, 2 main things Gav is sensitive to. I did find a blurb on a web site that said mashed or pureed banana or squash can be substituted for eggs, so that should help. We are supposed to stay away from all things almonds for a while (meaning almond milk) so I’m not sure what to do about the “dairy” ingredient. We may just have to bypass those recipes until we can add “dairy” or a dairy-like substance back into the diet.

Sorry if I seem to blog endlessly about my fears regarding this diet. I really still don’t quite know what we’re going to eat early on because of Gav’s sensitivities. I guess we’ll be eating jello and veggies for breakfast. Just kidding….well, not really.