March 20, 2012

As usual, it’s been awhile.  Just trying to keep up with life and don’t have much time or stuff to say on this here blog.  Here’s a quick run down in boring list form for ya:

  • We have spent the past 3 consecutive Saturdays with someone having stomach flu.  All’s fine and dandy during the week and Saturday rolls around and someone pukes.  Awesome weekend.
  • Mr. and Mrs. S have finally moved to town!!  We are THRILLED to have them much closer and can pop by any old time without having to make an event out of it.  AND Baby Boy will be here TODAY!!!!  Can’t wait to snuggle that little peanut.  He’s gonna be Cuuuuute!
  • Big boys stayed with Granny and Grandpa Sunday night so we had a Tate Date (with Miss Sloanie Baloney too).  He sure is a different kid when his brothers aren’t around.
  • Gav’s on his 2nd session at Educational Resources and he’s doing amazing!  His handwriting has GREATLY improved and he’s definitely reading better!
  • Liam has a new name for Sloane: “Squishy Cupcake”……and she definitely is.
  • Speaking of Squishy Cupcake, baby girl is finally out of her “needing to be held constantly” phase.  She’s now super content to just hang out and watch brothers……on the flip side, our weekdays are so busy and we’re gone a lot that she’s gotten into a catnap routine and struggles to sleep very long during the day.  At night she definitely crashes.  But, she’s all smiles all the time all day long even on little sleep.
  • Liam turns 5 on Saturday. Man oh man.
  • Sloane’s room is getting done this week.  I’ve been decorating it in my head for almost the last year.  Cannot wait!
  • Tate has this new thing that if you compliment him, his reply is “You’re welcome”, as though he’s doing you a favor by looking handsome or drawing a nice picture, etc

And some random pictures we took for a friend because blogs are better with pictures:

(Awkward family photo at it’s best…..notice Squishy is still smiling even though she’s on the brink of being dropped off the side)

And Take # 357

Happy Tuesday everyone!