April 24, 2013

Friday Night Movie Night.  Ever since the boys have started school, Friday night finally feels like a Friday night.  Ya know what I mean?  When they were toddlers, every day felt the same since we were home all the time together.  Now after a long week of school, sports, therapies, tutoring, etc, Friday nights are a welcome relief.   And Friday Night Movie Nights were born.  Something the kids look forward to all week.  We eat a quick dinner (usually pizza) and then everybody gets jammies on.  There’s usually popcorn involved too of course.

I try to pick a movie that no one has seen and is obviously age appropriate.  We tend to be pretty strict with what we allow, so finding a decent movie every week has proved to be kind of hard. Thank goodness for the oldies!   So far Swiss Family Robinson has been one of the boys’ favorites. (You can’t compete with living in a tree, having wild animals for pets, and getting to fight pirates-it’s every boys’ dream!) Brave, How to Train a Dragon and Wreck It Ralph have been some of the new movie favorites.


Cuddle time with the brothers lasted about 30 seconds.  They NEVER move during a movie.  Sister, on the other hand, is too busy.


More cuddles then she decided she needed some juice


Then she spilled


Nudity is preferred until she gets chilly.  Hence the hat.

FNMN is such fun family thing that we all look forward to.  I hope this continues well into the teenage years.  We’ll just pull up some more chairs for the kids’ friends to hang out too.

Our Life Lately

April 1, 2013

Since I can’t seem to blog regularly, here’s a quick look at what we’ve been up to these past few weeks:


“Sue” at the Science Center



Thanks again, Uncle Chris, for the shirts!  They were perfect for this trip!


Aaaaannnnnnnd this girl doesn’t really like wearing shirts at all.


These two have discovered the fun of playing hide and seek.  Although they both count at the same time, then run and hide.  But apparently it works for them!


Easter cousins minus sleeping Thatcher. 


Man! Could she be any cuter??!!

Happy Monday all!