September 8, 2013

Whew! It was a big week around here last week.

Tuesday: the boys started soccer.  This is Liam’s 3rd year, Gav’s 2nd and Tate’s 1st.  Let’s just say there were some tears near the end of practice because it was close to bed time and he was “just SOOOOO tired.”

We also started home school today.  I was planning to wait until Tate started on Thursday, but Gavin was very anxious to start.  We have a ton of great curriculum this year and I think it’s going to be more fun than work!

Wednesday: I turned 35. GAH!!  How did THAT happen? And let me tell you, I got 3 hours of sleep the night before (stupid crazy brain) and I felt 85 all day. It was awful.

Thursday: Tate started pre-school.   Again, tears when he got in the car because he forgot his “extra clothes” (for accidents) in his locker (they were supposed to stay there).  And he was just SOOO tired.

Friday: Gavin started home school co-op.  This is a great group of about 30 families and what seems to be a million kids.  They meet once a week for art, music, PE and various unit studies.  He had a blast but we were exhausted when we got home!




And this little guy joined our family on Tuesday.  Meet Jack Black.


This summer we pet-sat Liam’s teacher’s mini-rex and fell in love.  They are super sweet and oh so soft.  I personally like them because they don’t smell, make noise, track in muddy footprints, etc, etc.  (ie: they’re not dogs……or cats for that matter).

Jack is 4 weeks old and is already well on his way to being litter trained.  He’s quickly gotten used to the kids manhandling him AND all the noise around here.

Every night I sit on the couch and cuddle with him while I watch tv.  He nuzzles up under my chin and snuggles.  And when we’ve been gone for a while, he gets really excited to see us when we come home.   I think he’s going to be a great pet!

(And in case you’re wondering, Thunderbolt, the three-legged frog died.  He lived a whopping 3 weeks at our house.  Personally I’m glad I can be done catching flies and buying crickets. Gross.)